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Fakhr-e-Alam hopes to become first Pakistani to make history with solo flight

Fakhar-e-Alam, who was previously a chairman of the Sindh Censorship board, a TV host, actor and singer, now aims to establish himself as an air force pilot. The 42 year old pop star, attempts to become the first Pakistani to fly an aircraft around the globe. Alam shared that he has been working on a project called “Mission Parwaaz” since 3 years. Finally, his grit and willpower has gotten him closer to turning his dream into reality. He shared this on his twitter account, “I am happy to report to you all today that after three years of a lot of hard work and persistence, Mission Parwaaz, my attempt to circumnavigate the globe is finally happening.” It was challenging for Alam to discover a suitable aircraft as he only had an airlift experience of less than 100 hours.

Fakhar received his private pilot warrant from Florida. He will get on board in the Pilatus PC-12, a single-engine turboprop aircraft, made by a Swiss company which specializes in aeronautical equipment. Fakhar is required to start and end his expedition from the same airport.

Adding on, Fakhar will become the first Muslim to travel around the world in less than 100 hours of flying. His expedition across the earth will help him set a world record. The TV host tweeted this, “If I succeed I will become the 1st Pakistani in the history of the world to do so.”

The actor shared that his motivation behind taking this initiative was to earn a name for his country in the aviation zone. Through Mission Parwaz, Fakhar wishes to pay a tribute to his country and its fearless soldiers. Before Fakhar, around 200 people have endeavored to perform an identical journey. We wish Fakhar Goodluck for embarking on this adventurous journey!