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Karachi: the city of lights turning into a dry city?

Karachi is known as the largest and most populated city of Pakistan, it is a city which has been commonly known as “City of lights”. From having an advanced industrial sector to a completely equipped entertainment industry, Karachi has it all. But since the last decades or so, Karachi has become synonyms to crisis and problems. Due to a never-ending political interference and influence, the general public belonging to a lower social economic class always becomes the victim of misery.

Pakistan is running out of the water, and Karachi is a city where water scarcity has already hit the city to a huge extent”, says most of the channels and newspapers. It is unfortunate to see Karachi running out dry which had once been known as the city of lights. Shortage of water in Karachi is rapidly increasing with every passing day, there are places that haven’t received water supply for more than six months or so. The situation in Karachi has become so problematic that people are trying to find the solutions on their own to deal with the water crisis.  Karachi is massively known as a city that shares the essence of diversity, people belonging from upper middle class or above pay an amount of 20k to get brackish water whereas, but people belonging to lower social class doesn’t have the capacity and funds to get the supply of water.

Government is trying to initiate several plans and projects to deal with the water crisis issue, but seemingly for the time being situation in Karachi seem to go out of the hand. Meanwhile, private sectors are trying to play an effective role by coming up with ideas of setting up filtration plants. Unfortunately, this still doesn’t benefit a poor individual because of a high cost being demanded by the private sectors.