UAE to give $3 Billion to Pakistan

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 Pakistan has seemingly been seeking for foreign aid, finally, It seems like that UAE will be giving a huge amount of $3Billion to Pakistan. It has been confirmed that Pakistan will be getting a bale out package from UAE. This has become no less than great news for Pakistan as this will help to improve the economic condition of Pakistan. 
Prime Minister, Imran Khan had visited few international countries ever since he has come into power. He was able to get financial aid from Saudi Arabia and now finally the green signal has been shown from UAE. It has been confirmed that UAE will be giving out this money to Pakistan and this is also a sign which shows that relations between both countries will be strengthened.
PTI claims that this will turn out to be immensely beneficial for the economy of Pakistan, and they think a bailout package of this sort should always be welcomed and hence this will give an opportunity for Pakistan to grow.