Yasir Shah makes a record by taking fastest 200 wickets

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Pakistan has a star player, Yasir Shah has made the whole nation proud by taking the fastest 200 wickets. It’s a new record in the history of cricket. Yasir Shah has been performing exceptionally great during the test series against the Kiwis, and now this cricketer has made the whole nation proud by making a new world record.

Yasir Shah has taken 200 wickets in just 33 matches. This itself is a whole new record and the whole nation can’t stop praising and admiring Shah. Undeniably, Yasir Shah has emerged as one of the finest bowlers not just for Pakistan, but also for the whole world. And he has shown the power of a spinner bowler.

Due to the endless efforts of Shah, Pakistan is already in a very strong position. The overall bowling lineup of Pakistan has become strong and a lot of experts believe that Pakistan has a fair chance to win this test series against the Kiwis.

It goes without saying, Yasir Shah has set a supreme example for the people to come. He has shown an extraordinary performance which would inspire many and it will increase the overall love and passion for the emerging Pakistani spinners.