PM Imran Khan: No NRO, will not give relief to any corrupt

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While addressing the nation after securing $12 billion package from Saudi Arabia, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday said that Pakistan ‘is now in a better position’.

“My Pakistanis, today I am here with a good news for all of you. We were facing really hard times. We were highly pressurized into paying heavy debts. But thanks to Saudi Arab’s extension of assistance, we are out of the pressure,” the Prime Minister stated.

He said the country had limited resources as it was at the brink of becoming defaulter and the government had only two options; either go to International Monetary Fund (IMF) or seek help from friendly countries.

“If we had gone to IMF directly, we’d have had to borrow more money and that would have meant stricter conditions which would crush our poor strata of society. But now we are in a better position,” PM Imran Khan said.

“We are in talks with two more friendly nations and hopeful of more good news.”

He mentioned that the government’s highest priority has been to protect the salaried class from economic pressures.

‘No corrupt person will get an NRO’

PM Khan said the opposition parties that are accusing his government of ‘incompetence’ are doing so because they fear that “their corruption will be unearthed when we do an audit”.

“They are trying to blackmail us. But if these parties want to protest, they’re more than welcome. We will give them container. We will also give them dinner everyday but what we will never give them an NRO,” he clarified.

“The two parties that have been ruling Pakistan have not even spared welfare fund of workers. People in Steel Mills have been robbed of their welfare funds even. Then they have audacity to stand up against us.”

Giving his views on recent revelations of fake bank accounts, Khan said that Rs2.5 billion are emerging in a Falooda seller’s account, billions are found in a dead man’s account. What is all this money? This is your and my tax money that is then sent abroad. Our govt is going after the money launderers behind this and there will be no NRO.

“The corrupt think they will get another NRO just like they got from Musharraf. Make no mistake, there will be no NRO. Our govt is adamant to take on corruption,” he stated.