By-election 2018: PTI leads in Karachi’s NA-247 and PS-111, loses Peshawar’s PK-71 to ANP | Goonj

By-election 2018: PTI leads in Karachi’s NA-247 and PS-111, loses Peshawar’s PK-71 to ANP

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After a lot of struggle and hardship, PTI has finally managed to form a government of their own. It was fortunate enough for all the PTI supporters to see the party forming a government with a majority in the National Assembly. But the recent By-Election results didn’t completely go in the favor of PTI as they the party didn’t manage to restore all the left seats of National Assembly.

Even though, the recent by-election results of NA-247 and PS-111 have gone in the favor of PTI. NA-247 was swiftly won by the president of Pakistan, Arif Alvi. Fortunately, the seat has been retained by the candidate of PTI, Aftab Hussain Siddique has stood on the first position by gathering a total number of 32,456 votes. Whereas the candidate of PPP and MQM in this constituency has lost the seat. This shows that PTI has grown stronger and better in Karachi despite all the criticism that the party has come across lately. Further, another seat of the provincial assembly of Sindh has been retained by PTI.  A PS-111 seat has been taken away by a candidate of PTI, Shahzad Muhammad has managed to retain the seat for PTI and defeated candidate of a strong opposition. Supporters of PTI in Karachi are celebrating this victory and it has made the position of PTI immensely strong in the regions of Karachi.

Unfortunately, PTI has lost one of their very important seats of Peshawar to ANP. Peshawar at one time was dominated by ANP and now after this victory, the members of ANP gained hope of revival. The seat of PK-71 has been an important seat for PTI, and a lot of people expected that PTI will be able to keep on dominating.  But the results went the way around and disappointment knocked at the doors of PTI. It is being said that PTI needs to focus on things that can help them maintain their power and popularity among people.