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Is The Quality Of Education Directly Proportional To The Increased Fee Structure In Pakistan?

Is quality of education directly proportional to the increased fee structure in Pakistan?

Pakistan is known and as a third world country, ever since partition our nation has been facing socio-economic and political issues. But, how does a nation transforms from being a developing nation to a developed nation? Interestingly, history tells us how education has changed and elevated the fate of nations, education had always been one of the contributing factors to remove the disparities within the society in regards to the social, economic and political aspect. Pakistan qualifies as a nation which is providing an education system to the general public, but the component of “quality” lacks in regards to the current education system.

According to the recent reports of 2018, Pakistan’s literacy rate has reached up to 58%. These statistics project that Pakistan have come across an alarming situation, the worst part to this situation is that even the 58% of the people had not been gaining constructive and comprehensive education. From over a past two decades, Private schools and universities have increased a massive amount on the fee structure, and people who belong to a lower-middle, middle and upper study in a private schooling system. Even though, in terms of the financials with every passing day the burden over the parents have increased dramatically but the quality of education within these schools and universities has not been increased.

Quality of education in Pakistan is not directly proportional to the increased fee structures. It has been noticed how the students are taught and bombarded with theoretical knowledge, whereas, the practical knowledge is not provided to the students. The universities don’t provide a proper platform of a career counseling; a lot of students seem to be studying a major which doesn’t interests them. Lately there has been a lot of competition among the private universities, due to the increased pressure the universities have tend to increase their fee in order to make profits. It is ironic how we equate the quality of education with a high amount of fee structure, we have been raised with a mindset of how an institution which charges a handsome amount of money from student would also provide them with a better quality of education.