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Is Pakistan Ready To Accept And Withstand The Real Concept of Feminism?


The notion of progressiveness of a society is merely defined by the social structures. Across the world, institutions and individuals have redefined the concept of acceptance and tolerance. Speaking of acceptance and tolerance, Pakistan is a fragmented society. It takes effort in Pakistan to be socially accepted in regards to your beliefs. The religious extremists and lunatics undermine the narrative of diversity and miscellany. Recently, the movement of “Feminism” has been under concern and debate for many in Pakistan. Well, it is important for every educated and non-educated person to be able to comprehend where this movement is headed, and what changes it has brought in Pakistan.

Globally, there have been recent debates and riots in regards to the narrative of feminism. Few believe that the movement of feminism has been misrepresented and misquoted, as it is becoming a movement that glorifies the concept of “man berating and bra-burning.” However, a proportion also believes that feminism is the movement that advocates for gender equality and fights against the misogynistic values and patriarchal culture of a society. Pakistan is a conservative nation, where a majority of the people tend to follow cultural and religious norms set by the Mullahs. Feminism resonates with modernism, it is a movement which speaks in volume to provide women with equal rights and opportunities.




Unfortunately, Pakistan has not been able to accept the movement of feminism. Over a period of time, a lot of women have started to voice their opinions related to feminism. Since Pakistan is a conservative society and it is hard for a major chunk to accept feminism, a lot of people believe that feminism is just another movement which glorifies the teachings and believes of a pseudo liberal. Mullahs in Pakistan seem to degrade and bash this movement and label it as “Kaafiro ki Saazish”. Perhaps Pakistan is a developing nation and it would take a lot of time, courage and effort to make a ground for the acceptance of feminism. It is important to educate and make people understand about the real context of feminism.