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Inside the life of an Introvert

Inside the Life of an Introvert

Being an introvert myself, one thing I can say for sure is that Introverts are one of the most misunderstood species on this planet! The biggest misconception out there about introverts is that they are shy. People need to understand that not all introverts are that way. An introvert is someone who gains energy from being alone. At the same time, the thing which is most essential to introverts is being able to spend maximum time with themselves. This idea gives people the impression that we probably don’t consider others good enough to spend our time with them. They think we are “uptight” and “rude”. On the contrary, what they don’t get is that we dread social gatherings because we feel that people have the ability to suck energy out of us.

Our concept of fun is more like, “Netflix and chill”, and definitely not a night-out partying with friends. In addition, we are very vulnerable to the vibes people give out. This is why we are very particular about whom we surround ourselves with. Furthermore, one thing we hate more than someone invading our personal space is forced conversations. We absolutely despise small talk! If you want to connect with us, you can discuss deep stuff.

In addition, we are always on the hunt to find a deeper meaning to everything that is said and done by people. This is not always the best thing as it leads to unnecessary overthinking. However, this very quality makes us more empathetic beings. This way we are sure about whom we want to invest our time and energy in. When unnecessary people are filtered out of our lives, we can focus more on building and nurturing the relationships we do have.

Additionally, a common complaint extroverts have from introverts is that they are too quiet around everyone, and are too slow to respond. Truth be told, there is just too much going inside our heads and we are just trying to contemplate everything.  Most of the times we are too overwhelmed by our own thoughts. Besides, we are way more than we show ourselves to be. And if we decide that we like you and are willing to spend our time with you, feel lucky because you must be really special to make that happen. Celebrities such as Barack Obama, Marilyn Monroe, Lady Gaga have proven that introverts are not less than extroverts. In conclusion, we aren’t aliens. But if you happen to come across an introvert just keep these aspects in mind. This way you can connect better with them!