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Hindu Community: A minority building interfaith harmony

Hindu Community: A minority building interfaith harmony

Hindu community holds a small representation in Pakistan and unfortunately all across the country Hindu community only have a majority in one town named as Tharparkar, Sindh. Due to a lack of number Hindu Community had never been able to come in the spotlight. Recently, Hindu community took a major step towards building interfaith harmony.

Recently on the occasion of 10th Muharram, Hindu Community bridged the gap of religious intolerance. In the region of Tharparkar, a lot of Hindus showed active participation by paying homage to the martyrs of Karbala. Even though the area of Tharparkar is a Hindu majority area and it mostly follows cultural and traditional values of Hindus but the Hindu community showed all their love and respect for the Shia’s.

Muharram holds a lot of religious importance for the Shia Muslims and a lot of people engage themselves by distributing food items which are commonly termed as “Niyaz and Sabil”. It was purely heartwarming to witness the participation of Hindus in carrying out the Niaz and Sabil with Shia community. Out of respect and courtesy for Muharram, a lot of Hindus didn’t participate or carried out any activity that could harm the sentiments of Shia’s. Further, Hindu families depicted a sense of harmony by arranging the Majlis and engaging themselves in different activities that could help them to gain comprehensive knowledge related to the events of Muharram.

It goes without saying how we see that Pakistan has been blessed with people who are kind and humane enough to be tolerant and accepting towards other religion. This particular image from a very small town of Sindh has merely shown how the minorities in Pakistan are trying to promote a concept of interfaith harmony.