Tourists visit Murree's mall road to witness "Snow Gala" | Goonj

Tourists visit Murree’s mall road to witness “Snow Gala”

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A majority of tourists reach Murree’s mall road to be a part of the “Snow Gala” set up by the locals.

With a further drop in the temperature, tourists from all over the country visit Murree. The Northern areas look breath taking being covered in snow blanket. Families visited places such as Swat valley, Kalam and Murree to spend their winter holidays. They enjoyed the winters to their fullest by visiting Murree’s mall road, celebrating “Snow Gala”. The tourists experienced snow fall which was the highlight of their winter vacation. Snow-capped mountains increase the scenic beauty which attracts even more tourists. Moreover, rainfall this weekend has significantly made the fog less dense. According to the weather reports, cold weather will persist in majority parts of the country.