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Islamabad High Court approves protective bail to Tariq Mansha

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The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Friday granted a five-day protective bail to Mansha Bomb’s son Tariq Mansha. Mansha Bomb’s real name is Malik Mansha Ali Khokhar. He was wanted by the Lahore police for illegally seizing some land in Johar Town. After listening to the case, IHC Judge Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani permitted defensive bail to Tariq Mansha for five days on the condition that he would have to stand before the court on October 24.

Earlier on, Mansha admitted defeat to an anti-terrorism court. Altogether, there are 83 cases listed against Mansha Bomb and Tariq Mansha. Violating someone’s property and offensive behavior with an LDA team are just two of the 83 cases.

In addition, in an application filed in the IHC, Tariq stated that he was made aware of the case against him while he was in Islamabad. He shared that he was “unable to request pre-arrest bail in the Lahore High Court since he was not in the city”.

Tariq Mansha said that he was “ready to cooperate in the investigation against him but feared that he would be arrested in Lahore”.

While talking to the press, Tariq shared that the cases against him and his father were filed at the order of Shahbaz Sharif, the former Punjab chief minister and his son Hamza Shahbaz. He claimed that the PML-N leaders desired to capture his family’s assets.s