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For the 1st time PM was the chief guest at defence Day

Mehreen Sibtain in “Headlines” covered these topics: Senior political analyst Habib Akram said that, “For the First time Prime Minister Imran Khan was the chief guest at Defence And Martyrs Day function” The way PM Imran Khan was welcomed in the Defence Day function was pleasing, Change has come not the revolution. Sindh government took the first step by opening the governor house for the people and Governor Imran Ismail should be given credit, says Habib Akram.
Senior political analyst Saad Rasool said that, “Last year the politicians at the Defence And Martyrs Day function weren’t seeing eye to eye” Unlikely that India will respond to Pakistan’s positive gesture,
Former Indian cricketer Novjot Singh Sidhu has welcomed Pakistan’s decision to open Kartarpur border with India, saying the move will lessen the gap between the two countries. The cricketer-turned-politician, who attended the oath taking ceremony of Prime Minister Imran Khan last month, urged his government to normalise relations with Pakistan. While addressing a press conference, Sidhu said no religion teaches animosity. “Pakistan has taken a step forward. Now it’s India’s turn to respond positively,”