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CJP aproves bail plea of Asia Bibi

The long-awaited verdict of Aasia Bibi has finally come out. Supreme Court has finally passed the verdict in favor of Aasia Bibi and has released the orders to free Aasia from all the charges. Aasia had been accused of Blasphemy back in 2010 by a number of farmers. The incident took place when Aasia Bibi sipped water from one of the Muslim’s bottle and a couple of annoyed men asked her to convert into Islam right away. Aasia refused to convert, and in response to that farmers accused her of practicing blasphemy and ever since that time she has been under the court trails.
Supreme Court of Pakistan has claimed that there was no any solid justification or proof put by people who have accused Aasia Bibi of blasphemy, and the verdict has directly been gone in the favor of Aasia by three judges of Supreme Court. For the time being, media has been prevented to discuss any details related to the case as the verdict was reserved on 8th October.
Unfortunately, this whole situation has given a reason to the leader of TLP, Khadim Rizvi to go on a protest and secure his so-called Islamic Values. Rizvi has already threatened the government, he has gone on record and claimed that how his party members and other supporters will go on protests against the government and will make sure that the decision of Aasia Bibi is reversed.
Perhaps, the overall tension has gone to another level in the country and the supporters of TLP are already protesting outside Punjab Assembly. Further, the Mullahs have started reaching out to several different across the whole of Pakistan; many areas in Karachi and Islamabad have been blocked by the Mullahs.