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Karachi: Police arrested suspect Liaquat bajori

Police conducted raids and operations in different parts of Karachi and detained suspects for gang-war, street-crimes, thefts and drug selling. Some names of these suspects are, Danish Ahmed, Waleed, Zubair, Saleem, Furqan Ahmed, and Basheer Ahmed and Mansoor Ali. The accused were sent to the police stations to fulfill legal formalities.

The authorities managed to arrest two target killers comprising of Liaqat Bajori and Bashir. They were already on the hunt for these people as they had been known to be involved in various criminal activities such as homicide, blackmailing and street crimes. Moreover, the police arrested suspects involved in different robberies in Karachi and shared that they were inspired by Indian robbery films. In this view, it is evident that drug dealing is the leading crime in Karachi. In addition, it was also discovered that per day a business of 30-40 lacs is done by selling drugs. Besides this, Liaquat Bajori confessed that after the sale of drugs, he would earn 5-10,000 Rs.

Robberies have become extremely common in Karachi due to the economic instability and very few employment opportunities. Along with this, crime-based Bollywood movies inspire the lower class to steal and get things done through ill means.