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Dealing with Negative Body Image Issues

Dealing with Negative Body Image Issues

Being surrounded by magazines who are constantly portraying how an ideal woman should be, has led the women of today to feel more self-conscious and insecure about their looks. These magazines emphasize on how to get that bikini body, 5 steps to getting a bubble butt, how to get toned up etc. This has resulted in men/women having a negative body image of themselves. This term means that people begin to perceive themselves as below average and start despising some aspects of their appearance. It is commonly found in women, however men also become a target of distorted body image.


Little do they know that these models in the magazines are there after being photo-shopped a hundred times. If you find yourself bashing yourself for being less skinny, not toned enough, just know that it is the society influencing how you perceive beauty. Just because you refuse to fit in the socially constructed idea of beauty, doesn’t mean you’re any less beautiful.


  • Make a list of your achievements

No matter how small they may seem, make a document of your daily/weekly achievements. For instance, running an extra mile on your treadmill, lifting slightly heavy in the gym, choosing a healthy meal over fast food, meeting up with an old friend etc.

  • View your body as your friend

Think of all the things you have put your body through, yet it has always come through. For example helping you out to recover from an injury, a flu etc.

  • Remember that your mental health directly influences your physical health

If you like to think about the ways life could mess you up, this is bound to show on your face/body. If you feel ugly, you will look ugly. On the contrary, if you feel confident and happy, it will reflect through your face and will overall have a generally positive energy, which will attract everyone!

  • Talk to yourself

This may sound funny, but talking to yourself is therapeutic. Loudly state the things you admire about yourself, both internal and external. Tell yourself that you can achieve anything/everything that you put your mind to!