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Chief Justice of Pakistan: A man who is a threat to all the “Thugs”

Chief Justice of Pakistan: A man who is a threat to all the "Thugs"

Chief Justice of Pakistan has become a renowned figure who usually stays in the limelight. Chief Justice is associated with being rigid and ruthless, he has taken a couple of strict actions ever since he came into power. For many, it has been surreal to see him playing an active part in the national politics of Pakistan. Recently, Chief Justice has tried to hit another cord by drawing the attention of people towards the case of PTI’S MNA; Malik Kharmat Khokhar and MPA; Nadeem Abbas.

Malik Kharmat and Nadeem Abbas have been accused of allegedly accusing the police, involvement in criminal elements and issuing false statements in the court. Basically, a case was filed against Mansha Bam, who has been accused of attempting to get hold of lands through illegal ways. On an account of the said matter, an SP officer reported that they have been stopped to take actions against Manhsa because they have been asked to do so from the top authorities: MNA and MPA. To which, Chief Justice called both the MNA and MPA to the court to prove themselves.

Chief Justice accused Abbas and Kharmar of their involvement with the group of land mafia being led by Mansha Bam. He clearly mentioned, “What do you think that you have been voted for? You are exactly being the same as the previous government”. And he further added to his stance when both the accused members tried defending themselves, “You people try to be modest in court, but outside you are thugs. And I will not tolerate a single thug in my country and if this continues you will see everyone in jail who are involved in cases of such sort”

Chief Justice has surely come out a threat to all the people who act as “Thug”, and also shows how Cheif Justice doesn’t tend to create any sort of disparity or discrepancies among the political parties of Pakistan.