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Chai toast aur host – Sep 25, 2018

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In Season II of Chai, Toast aur Host, the exuberant and popular, girl-next-door, Anoushey Ashraf decides to open up her own café. Her staff consists of a Manager, Head-Chef, Chai-tender, Jugaro and also sees the comeback of the famous Chef Shai as the Cafe’s Consultant. This café gives entrepreneurs and upcoming artists a platform to showcase their skills. At the café she interacts with prominent personalities, celebrities and guests from all walks of life who enter as walk-in customers; she has interesting conversations and plays hilarious games with them to keep the audience entertained. It also has a designated area for organic food and beauty products. This show bridges the generation gap by bringing new trends in a cafe setting. With delicious restaurant quality food served to its customers and daily trending news, hacks, tips and tricks, this is a café you need to check out!