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CJP urges early disposal of pending cases

Mehreen Sibtain in “Headlines” covered these topics: Chief Justice Saqib Nisar on Monday reiterated the need to dispose of pending cases in an expeditious manner as the new judicial year began on Monday. In his address to the ceremony to mark the official start of the 2018-2019 judicial year at the Supreme Courtin Islamabad, Justice Nisar revealed that the rate of case disposal in the last year was higher than in the previous five years. “The number of pending cases, nevertheless, slightly increased,” Senior political analyst Habib Akram said that, “The steps taken by CJP are unprecedented” Judicial activism exists in India also, The opening of Governor House for the public is a symbolic gesture, For smooth sailing of government, PTI will further increase its entourage of ministers, Senior political analyst Saad Rasool said that, “There are no allegations against CJP Saqib Nisar, News is the first rough draft of history, I’m disappointed that the public will only be able to visit the Governor House on weekends for eight hours, Opposition has a role of check on the government,