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34th death Anniversary of revolutionary Faiz Ahmed Faiz

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Undeniably, Faiz Ahmed Faiz is considered as one of the revolutionary writers. He is still remembered, and his work is widely celebrated throughout the subcontinent. Faiz mainly worked on the concept of revolution. Speaking about for revolution, Faiz mainly wanted the youth to think beyond their imaginations and serve their country by enlightening the concept of change. Faiz had been one of those few poets who tried to change the society through his ideas. For instance, one of his poem “Hum Dekhenge” till date is considered as one of the finest written poems.

Further, Faiz Ahmed poetry has just not been restricted to the books. Faiz Ahmed had written some famous Ghazals and they were sung by famous singers like Noor Jehan. Since Faiz Ahmed was a popular poet and writer in the whole sub-continent, and due to his endless talent, he also worked with Bollywood.

Well, Faiz Ahmed is remembered¬†through Faiz Festival. A lot of people all across Pakistan join this event and they remember Faiz’s work and celebrate art. Gradually, the youth of Pakistan is becoming well aware of Faiz and a lot of them have started to show interest towards his legendary work.