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Malala’s Portrait unveiled at London’s National Portrait Gallery

Malala is one of the few people from Pakistan who actively fights and speaks for the education right of the girls. She has been bestowed with a lot of prestigious awards; among all the awards, Peace Noble Prize is considerably the most notable one. Her portrait is being displayed at the National Portrait Gallery in London due to her endless efforts and struggle towards the enhancement of girl’s education.

Malala’s portrait has been photographed by Shirin Neshat who is a well-known and remarkable artist from Iran. Interestingly the portrait of Malala has a calligraphy inscribed poem by the famous Pahstu Poet; Rahmet Shah Sayal. It goes without saying that Malala’s portrait signifies her achievement, it gives out an indication to the world that Pakistan has come a long way now and is about to finish the battle with people who are against the notion of girl’s education. Malala’s achievement and accomplishments are being praised by people all across the world, which is why there is a huge number of people who wants to see Malala grow and rise rapidly.

Malala is a living example of an epitome of struggle and hardwork, and she has been able to conquer all the milestones in her life. Malala doesn’t happen to be only fortunate, whereas she has worked exceptionally hard to achieve all the awards and honors. She also has been able to fight against the patriarchal culture of Pakistan, and always encourage the young girls to stand for their rights and should gain education. Malala believes that a nation can’t move towards the path of progressiveness unless girls are provided with adequate opportunities in the field of education.