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An Introvert’s Guide to Being More Expressive

1. An Introvert’s guide to being more expressive

Being an introvert myself, one thing I dread the most is awkward situations. Most of the times, situations are made awkward when there are feelings involved. This is one of the reasons why we prefer to bottle up our feelings instead of letting them out. Hiding our emotions takes up such a huge part of our lives, without us even realizing it. By doing this, we miss out on so much in life. Sharing our thoughts and emotions can help us improve our relationships, and strengthen our bonds. Sharing could also resolve a lot of potential issues that occur from communication gap. In my recent past, it occurred to me how this aspect of my personality has been holding me back all my life, which forced me to try new things everyday. The thing that made to the top of my list was, being more expressive within my circle. These are a few things that worked out for me as an Introvert. Try these out to live a more fulfilled and meaningful life.

  • Talk to a Trusted Friend

Friends Talking over Coffee 2003

I know finding a person you can fully trust can become a challenging task especially for the socially awkward people like me. But this person can be a family member or a parent too for that matter. You might feel like getting outside your comfort zone will cause you harm. Once you’re in the company of a trusted friend and you know he/she will listen to you without any judgement, you will realize how great it is to let out your feelings for once.

  • Write

Writing helps significantly with expression. It’s sometimes more necessary than talking to someone as it helps you connect with yourself. Jotting down your feelings forces you to acknowledge them first.

  • Get a haircut

There are other ways to express yourself, without having to vocalize. The best way to let others know that you are more than what you let people know is to get a haircut.