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Saifullah Kashmiri is travelling all over the country for clean Pakistan

A great man once said “Be the change you want to see in this world.” The world is not filled with careless people only, there are people who still care for things like environment which nobody pays heed to.

Saif-ullah Kashmiri is one such person who has been on a campaign all over Pakistan since past eleven months. This campaign is regarding a clean a green Pakistan. He is travelling all over the country on his motorbike, cleaning the trash from public places in different cities.

He started from his hometown near Chham Waterfall in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The places he has cleaned up ever since includes Khunjrab Pass, Deosai National Park, Babusar Top, Khybar Pass and many more. After the mountains, Saif-ullah came down to cities and have launched such self supported initiatives in cities like Gujrat, Gujranwala, Muridke and Lahore.

Saif-ullah now plans to start a nation wide campaign for awareness regarding cleanliness and plantation of trees. He plans to go from Islamabad to Karachi to Gawadar to Quetta and other cities. Saif-ullah Kashmiri declares his determination of giving a clean and green Pakistan to our younger generations.

Amidst the current times of turmoil, our country needs more people like Saif-ullah who care enough about important things such as environment so much so that he started cleaning up public places on his own. Such ‘unpopular’ steps are essential so that our up coming generations don’t blame us for messing up our country on issues like cleaning too.