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A Falooda Seller From Karachi Became A Billionaire Overnight

A Falooda Seller From Karachi Became A Billionaire Overnight

Imagine waking up one day and finding that you’re a billionaire. No, thats not a film. This is exactly what happened to this Falooda Seller in Karachi who just found out that he is a billionaire.

Abdul Qadir, who is a Falooda Seller by profession was called on by the Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) investigating about how a Falooda Seller became a billionaire overnight.

Turns out, that he has 2.25 Billion rupees in his account.

That’s right. 2.25 BILLION! What the Falooda?

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But this isn’t the best part yet. Interestingly enough, Abdul Qadir has no idea where that enormous amount of money came from.

Speaking to the media he said, “I run a small stall. How can I have that much money? They have seen it themselves,” he added.

Abdul Qadir says he opened a bank account a few years ago to buy a house in Surjani Town but apparently doesn’t check his bank account very frequently. He lives in a 40 square yard house and isn’t literate. “I can’t sign my name in Urdu let alone English” he said.

So while the FIA is doing its investigation as to how Abdul Qadir ended up with 2.25 billion rupees, police have been stationed outside his house because authorities fear that the person or group that transferred the money into his account would try to harm Abdul Qadir.

Pakistani social media however, lost its shit over this news. People even started tweeting about it. (in a fun way, of course)

Falooda laga lo, bohat scope hai :p

It can very well be an honest mistake by the bank and if it is, we all wish for such a thing to happen to us. If not, well, lets just wait for the authorities to complete their investigations.

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