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Either win or draw: Pakistani team is in trouble again

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Seems like third test match is taking away something to celebrate for Pakistani as the team is collapsing. Pakistan needs either 280 in 81 overs to win or survive today to draw the match. This is going to be a tough call for the Pakistani team as the team struggles a lot with their batting. New Zealand declared their team with a loss of 7 wickets and gave a total of 280 runs target for the Pakistani team to chase.

It seems like Pakistan is already in a crumbling situation because this is a huge target to chase. It is beyond important for the Pakistani team to stay focused and play with the complete conviction and hard work. Well, the whole nation, for now, expects to see Pakistan performing with all the energy and zeal.

Since this is the last test match and this would decide many things; if Pakistan manages to win, this might shift their rating to a better position. Even though Pakistan had been at the top of their game in other formats, but the nation had not seen an outstanding performance in the test match format.