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German music festival starts in Karachi

A German pop band, called Mateo has been travelling to different countries as a part of their cultural initiative, taken by Goethe Institute. As a part of this idea, the band has arrived in Pakistan and has been travelling through its various cities. The next stop for the band is going to be Pakistan’s neighboring country, India. This is the first time that the band has stepped outside their continent, and is extremely excited for their musical expedition.

After performing a gig in Lahore, the band reached Karachi to perform further shows and woo the audience with their melody. The five-membered band shares their experience in Pakistan as “new” and “exciting”. Mateo was formed in 2006 in Dresden. Mateo consists of Jan Philipp who is on the keyboards and vocals, Bernhard Stiehle on bass, Alexander Henke the guitarist, Friedo Steinke the drummer and Steve Kuhnen on the saxophone.

The band supervisor stated that in the beginning their families were reluctant to send their families off to Pakistan, but ever since the band has arrived, they have an entirely new understanding of the country and its culture. They shared that bands such as Maroon 5, Coldplay and Muse are their motivation to pursue music.

Mateo performed and conducted a workshop in Karachi in a school called, CAS. The band manager stated that after receiving such a hearty welcome from the people of Pakistan, they cannot wait to revisit.