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Hackers Attack: 11 Lac stolen from Hafiz Gul Muhammad’s account

KALABAGH – Hafiz Gul Muhammad from Kalabagh has been the latest victim to the recent wave of hackers getting into bank accounts.

According to details, Hafiz Gul Muhamma was called by hackers posing as the bank helpline. They extracted the Pin code and other information related to the bank account. The next thing was Hafiz Gul Muhammad loosing 11 Lac rupees from his account.

Gul Muhammad said that the bank officials are not helping him with the complain. He appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar to take notice of the matter and help him.

Gul Muhammad is the latest known victim of the recent wave of computer hackers breaking into bank accounts and stealing millions of rupees.