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Chief Justice of Pakistan addressed population control symposium

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On Wednesday, a symposium on population control was carried out at the Supreme Court. Speaking in the seminar, Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar alleged that an upsetting increase in the rate of population needs highest consideration.

Chief Justice of Pakistan today addressed the symposium regarding population control in Pakistan. He said that utmost attention needs to be given to alarming increase in population.

The CJP stated that no thought has been given to population control in Pakistan for the past 60 years.

The chief justice requested prime minister and president to examine the reason why no steps had been taken for the construction of dams in the last 40 years.

“Our water is decreasing but mouths are increasing,” CJP said.

The senior judge stated that water is the medicine of life and that there is barely any water present in the country due to its poor management. “Our resources are depleting rapidly,” CJP Nisar said that it is time that new lawmaking is presented.

He further emphasized the significance of education suggesting that this was vital for the development of a country. “The faculty of thinking is the most important. Those nations who sought education have progressed and those who didn’t haven’t.”

As per the chief justice, there were tactics already devised by other countries for population control. Pakistan only had to apply them and create awareness to the general public via social media.

“After 30 years if the population keeps going at this rate it will be 450 million.”