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Last words of Jamal Khashoggi released

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The mystery of Jamal Khashoggi’s murder took a new turn as CNN released the audio of last few words said by Jamal Khashoggi. Well, a month or so has been passed since the controversy of Khashoggi’s murder has been around the corner and international media has highlighted this issue to a greater extent. 
A new mystery has been unfolded by CNN, so the channel has revealed that the last words of Khashoggi were “I can’t breathe”. It has opened discussions and arguments around the world, a lot of senior journalists believe that Saudi Arabia should be held accountable for this course as there are a lot of dots that connect with them and show how they have been involved in the whole thing. 
Even though there are a lot of aspects that are needed to be clear but as by now it seems like Saudi has got something to do with this murder and they have been trying to hide behind the bushes.