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79pc candidates deprived of vote recount right

Uzma Nauman in “Headlines” covered these topics:
• Another controversy regarding recently held general elections 2018 has surfaced as 79 percent candidates were deprived of their legal right of vote recount in their constituencies by Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).
The victory margin remained below five percent in as many as 248 constituencies of national and provincial assemblies. These 248 constituencies include 169 provincial assemblies and 79 National Assembly.
• The number of votes rejected in the 2018 general elections was 1.67 million, 11.7pc more that the 1.5 million rejected in the 2013 polls, according to a report released by Free and Fair Elections Network (Fafen) on Friday.
The report says the increase in the number of rejected votes is observed in all four provinces and the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT).
• Till August 25, the new government will have to appoint president of Pakistan. No matter, how few powers he has, but no one can deny significance of president. This post cannot be left vacant for even a moment in accordance to 1973 Constitution of Pakistan. Article 41 states that maximum 60 or at least 30 days before termination of the tenure of president, the next one should be chosen. And if there are no assemblies then within the 30 days after their elections, president will be nominated. In General Election 2018, PTI became successful and gained more seats in national assembly than any other, but this is not enough. For nominating president, the role of Senate and other assemblies is also vital, and seats of PTI are quite low in them.