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An assassination attack on Ex-General Hamid Gul’s son Abdullah Gul

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In the light of recent riots led by TLP supporters, an assassination attack was tried on the Abdullah Gul who is a son of Ex-General Hamid Gul. Ever since yesterday, TLP supporters have disturbed the peace within the whole of Pakistan and have been protesting against the decision of the Supreme Court. Earlier today, Maulana Sami-ul-Haq was attacked in his home and has lost his life.

The overall political situation has already been disturbed throughout the whole country. Now we see that people who are associated with the army or have shown open support for Aasia Bibi are being targeted. Pakistan right now is in a complete chaos and extremism is taking over the supremacy of government. General Public is fearful and is equally afraid to go out and carry out their daily activities.

According to the latest reports and news, Government has reached an agreement with TLP and now the party has finally called off the protest. But, it is not the end of this issue. People belonging to the government institutions and army are already on the hitlist of TLP and the overall situation has reached at another level of tension throughout the whole of Pakistan.