Rickshaw driver set his rickshaw on fire due to non availability of CNG

  • 24

In yet another incident, a rickshaw driver attempted self-immolation on Thursday for not being able to afford his daily expenses.

The incident comes three days after another driver succumbed to his wounds after setting himself on fire alleging ‘police extortion’.

The driver, Shahid, set his rickshaw on fire in North Nazimabad area of the city and was attempting to do the same to himself after sprinkling petrol over him, when the onlookers intervened and stopped him.

Citing poverty as the reason, Shahid lamented that he was “unable to get any passengers because the CNG stations are closed every other day”.

He further said that he has been unable “to afford his expenses and has not paid the rent on his house for three months,” adding that his children are suffering from an eye disease.