Muhammad bin Abdul Rehman Al Sani meets with PM Imran Khan today | Goonj

Muhammad bin Abdul Rehman Al Sani meets with PM Imran Khan today

Foreign Minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshi has been in the spotlight of news. Many media experts and journalists found Qureshi’s latest speech at the UN to be substantial. Lately, Qureshi has been meeting with foreign ministers from different countries, and a recent development has been made by Qureshi by inviting Qatar’s Foreign Minister.

During this meeting with the Foreign Minister of Qatar, LNG agreements will be discussed. This meeting aims to create a friendly relation between Qatar and Pakistan. Further, the cabinet of Pakistani government deiced to meet a negotiation agreement with Qatar to supply gas in Pakistan. Qatar is already known as one of the biggest key player of gas and fuel production across the world, and now the Pakistani government aims to extend their economic relations with Qatar.

Qatar also announced that their government will work for the welfare of the people of Pakistan. It has been mentioned by the representatives of Qatar’s government that Pakistani citizens will be allowed to have visa access through which they can seek for different job opportunities. It is a clear indication that Qureshi has been doing anything and everything to create friendly relations with different countries and to improve an overall image of Pakistan at the international forum.