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DG ISPR: Army has nothing to do with Aasia Bibi Case

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Director General (DG) of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafoor on Friday distanced the army from the debate on Asia Bibi’s discharge, saying that the verdict had been given by the courts and the army was not involved in the matter.

While talking to the press, the DG ISPR guided religio-political parties opposing the Supreme Court’s decision on Asia Bibi’s plea to seek a legal solution to their complaints.

He mentioned an evaluation petition in contradiction of the Supreme Court’s decision, filed by Qari Muhammad Salam, and stated that they must patiently wait for the court to resolve the issue.

“Unfortunately, the army is dragged into every matter,” he said when asked about anti-military statements issued by protesters. “This is a legal matter and it is sad that negative statements are being issued against the army.”

He further added, “We are tolerating a lot,” pointing out that there are some boundaries forced by the Constitution on what can be said about state establishments, and that a step could be taken if anyone was to disrespect these.

He also advised the campaigners not to sidetrack the army’s responsiveness to “other matters”, declaring that the army is busy in its fight against terrorism.