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Pakistani famous poet ‘Jaun Elia’ 16 death anniversary today

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Jaun Elia was a Pakistani progressive Marxist Urdu poet, philosopher, biographer, and scholar. He was the brother of Rais Amrohvi and Syed Muhammad Taqi, who were journalists and psychoanalysts. Jaun Elia is still remembered by Pakistanis for his outstanding contribution in the field of philosophy. Jaun was fearless and had always put his opinions and thoughts in front of the people, and when required he used to criticize the government through his poetry.

During his lifetime, Juan was considered a rebel by a group of people who were considered as extremist. Jaun will always be remembered for promoting the Urdu language, he had done a lot of work in Urdu which helped the people to understand Urdu Literature in a more comprehensive way.

Elia paved a whole new path of literature for the generations to come, his poetry and content used to be explicitly true and today a lot of people today consider him as one of the biggest poets in the history of Pakistan.