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Zardari shows an aggressive attitude

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ECL has changed the politics dynamic of our country. Today a report was released by JIT and 172 names have been showed in the list of ECL. Among these names, Zardari and Bilawal Bhutto are the ones being talked about the most right now.

It is important to mention that accountability court has come into complete swing and they are trying to make sure that justice is severed in this country and all the money that has been made through corruption by anyone should be brought back and used for the government funds.

Zardari has been alleged for money laundering case and he has been dealing with this issue from a long time. But now it seems like that the time is about to come when he would be seen in jail.

In response to this report of ECL, Zardari has bashed the government and indirectly establishment. He mentioned that he is not afraid of anyone and is not even slightly scared of going to jail. Further he added that his political party is being targeted and right now this is the time of PTI but times keep on changing in Pakistan. He has openly and bluntly  refused the ECL report