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5 Ways to become more Eco-Friendly

5 Ways to become more Eco-Friendly

We are not at all aware of how our activities influence the environment negatively. With an increase in population and industries, global warming has increased rapidly. It is our responsibility as the citizens of the planet Earth, to reduce the adverse effects of our activities to make the earth sustainable for our upcoming generations. The first step towards this would begin from being mindful about the direct and indirect impact we have on our environment. You can follow these simple tips, to begin living a healthy and a more “green” lifestyle.

1. Eat Raw

Eating Raw food may sound completely alien to you if you’re used to eating cooked food. However, eating raw food considerably saves time and energy. You’re saving electricity/gas by not cooking the food. Similarly, you’re also saving the water which would’ve been used to wash the dishes. By choosing to eat raw, you manage to save all of these sources. In the same view, choosing to eat raw food is also a lot more beneficial to your health.

2. Ride a bike

This is the most effective method to reduce environmental pollution. Invest in a bike, and you won’t regret it. Along with being environment friendly, it’s also a great way to get in your cardio for the day!

3. Save WaterĀ 

Try to use as little water as you can, in between showers,washing dishes,brushing your teeth, doing laundry etc. The amount of water that is wasted in between these activities is huge, however it can be easily avoided by just turning off the running tap water.

4. Plant Trees

Trees are a necessity for our survival, as they provide us with oxygen and food. Trees are also a natural habitat to a lot of animals, hence they must be planted frequently.

5. Don’t Litter

We have always been told as kids not to litter, yet we still have managed to form a habit of casually throwing around wrappers. Take a step towards living a healthy and responsible life.