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5 Interesting and Scary Halloween costume ideas

5 Interesting and Scary Halloween costume ideas

Halloween is an event that is synonymous to being spooky, eerie, mythical and creepy. It is highly celebrated across the globe and is a much-awaited event for the youth and adults. Costume designing, styling, and makeup for Halloween capture the attention of everyone and a lot of people go through a lot of research and brainstorming sessions to come up with an appealing look. Ever since the advancement of horror movies in Hollywood, a lot of people literally tries to get into the skin of a character which is commonly known for its appeal in terms of horrifying elements.

Let’s shed light on some of the interesting and scary Halloween costume ideas that will help to glorify the elements of horror in a person. So, here are some of the suggestions for interesting and scary Halloween Costumes:

1. Demon Nun

Demon Nun is purely inspired and influenced from the franchise of Conjuring and this completely goes with the essence of Halloween Night.

2. Bloody Marry Costume

“She will appear in a mirror when her name is repeatedly mentioned”, this is the myth that Blood Marry Costume is associated with. This remains as one of the finest costumes for Halloween that compliments mythical aspects of horror.

3. Evil Clown

It’s a little hard to come across a costume of a clown that glorifies the element of horror and terror. Evil Clown is one such costume that would help to bring a whole new dynamic to the character of a clown.

4. Alien Parasite Victim

Who said that you can’t be lazy and still look horrific? Wear this alien-bursting-through-the-chest dickey under any button-down shirt and occasionally interrupt the party to reveal your horrifying fate.

5. Regan From “The Exorcist”

You don’t have to figure out how to spin your head 360 degrees for this costume to inspire nightmares. This costume can add shades of creepiness and scariness to your personality.