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Paul Pogba kicks football during a live interview

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Manchester United star Paul Pogba kicks a fast-moving ball away from the camera during an interview.

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba was giving an interview in  Dubai this week.

United has been training in the Middle East ahead of Sunday’s trip to Wembley to play Tottenham in the Premier League.

Pogba was talking to the interviewer by the side of a pitch when a ball was kicked towards him. After a shout from a member of the production team, Pogba informally glimpsed over his left shoulder before stylishly back heeling the ball away from the camera crew.

Pogba stated, ‘It’s not a holiday, we came here to work.

‘We don’t get this kind of weather a lot in Manchester, so obviously to get this weather and vitamin D is always good. It’s good for the head.

‘The training is intense as we’re preparing for a big game, so we need to be ready.

‘We’ve had good conditions to do some hard work and when we go back we’ve got a fresh mind and fresh air and we come back to focus even more.’