FM Qureshi: 15 agreements were signed with China

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Prime Minister, Imran Khan recently visited China for economic prosperity. Unfortunately, Pakistan had been in serious economic crisis ever since one can recall. The government has been hoping to expect positive results out of this visit. On an account of this recent visit, Foreign Minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshi spoke to the media and explained how the visit of Prime Minister has already given immense hope to their government.
While speaking to the media, Qureshi mentioned that PTI has been able to come under a positive economic agreement with the Chinese government. Qureshi highlighted that Pakistan has been able to sign 15 agreements with China and most of them are solely aimed to build economic prosperity within Pakistan.
Out of all the agreements and MOUs that have been signed by PTI, there are few of them which holds imperative importance. Pakistan has been able to make an extension of their foreign relations with China, having said that, Qureshi mentioned that Pakistan will be frequently in contact with the foreign ministry of China and they will be trying to deal all the issues systematically. Further, he added that PTI has tried to increase an economic dimension footprint. Qureshi thinks it is important for both countries to create a collaborative relationship so that both of them are able to get equal benefits in the future.
Further, Qureshi spoke about how Imran Khan has been able to sign an agreement for Agricultural prosperity. Pakistan is an agricultural country and it is important for Pakistan to enhance their agricultural practices through modern technology.  Also, Pakistan will be looking for policies to tackle the issue of Poverty. Qureshi claimed that China had been able to overcome the problem of poverty in the past, so Pakistan will be able to seek out for guidance from China that can help Pakistan to reduce the overall poverty across the country.