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Protesters are snatching fruit from a child


On Wednesday morning, Pakistan’s Supreme Court announced Aasia Bibi, a Christian alleged of committing blasphemy eight years ago, innocent.The trial court and Lahore High Court’s decision of her death sentence had been reversed.  The court also gave the order of freeing the woman instantly, as she wasn’t wanted in any other cases.

The Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) protests against the discharge of Aasiya Bibi carried on for the third day on Friday as they declared a shutter-down strike, despite the government’s attempt to neutralize the situation.

Majority of the routes and entry/exit points have been blocked all over Pakistan. The condition instead of getting better is getting even more out of hands. The protestors are taking extreme measures to assure that the government does not only meet them halfway with their demands, but also fulfill their demands entirely. As an objection to the government’s decision, they are displaying their retaliation by burning vehicles and blocking the roads. However snatching fruit from a young fruit vendor, who is unable to protect his cart from the protestors, is absolutely harsh and pointless.