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Did Imran Khan indicate towards early General Elections?

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ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Imran Khan gave interview to senior journalists at Prime Minister House in Islamabad today. The special interview was conducted upon the completion of Imran Khan and PtI’s first 100 days in the Government.

The Prime Minister said that the opposition is trying to level the field because they want a NRO. Imran Khan further said that no one will be given NRO come what may.

Another important matter Prime Minister discussed was of the letter that President Trump wrote to Pakistan. He said that the America has accepted the reality of how much Pakistan has suffered due to the war on terror. Imran Khan said that Washington wants Islamabad to help in the Afghan Peace Process.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that we will try our best to play an active role in the dialogue process. (The dialogues will be regarding the exit of American and NATO forces)

Another Important question that the Prime Minister was asked was of the south Punjab province. The question was regarding the seat adjustment in Punjab. If the Southern Punjab Province happens, it would drastically affect the position of PTI in the Punjab Assembly.

Imran Khan said in response to this that the making of a province is a long procedure including tons of paper work and legislations, it will happen gradually in steps, maybe the elections would be called earlier.

Another Important thing Imran Khan said about Money Laundering. He said that the government has recently made a pact with the Swiss government for the prevention of money laundering. Imran Khan said that they have asked for the record of previous five years from them and many people are worried as to their name would come.