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Zulfi Bukhari’s name to be taken out of ECL

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Zulfi has been in the news since morning. And now the final verdict has come out, stating that his name should be taken out of ECL. It has been noticed that NAB has been playing a pivotal role in tracking down the corrupt politicians in front of the general public. 
There had been immense speculations of how Zulfi’s case will be handled, but now when the final verdict has come out it has left many stunned and few believe that justice has been served. People believe that NAB has only been targeting the people of parties other than PTI. Zulfi is an advisor to Prime Minister, Imran Khan and people believe that since he holds such a reputation which is why he has been granted justice. 
But on being asked from Zulfi, he has clearly mentioned that everything has been crystal clear and if he was supposed to go behind the jail he would. Since he has not been proved guilty which is why he claims that there is nothing that can be proved against him. 
It is important to mention that even though NAB has been doing its role, but at the same time it has left a lot of people with the essence of suspiciousness because no any member from the PTI has been proven guilty in the case of corruption.