Oil Tankers Association to Go on Strike

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Oil Tankers Association Pakistan is once again at odds with the authorities. Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has faced a number of hurdles and complications from them before but has remained unsuccessful in addressing their concerns.

A certain fraction of the union wants the government to lift the sanction on vehicles older than 2010. It was a recent development that was faced with a lot of resentment from the union. According to the details, the owners of the tankers while talking to local media informed that the government has remained unsuccessful in addressing their concerns and no facilities have been given to them at the terminals.

Additionally, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) is providing contracts for the provision of oil in the country to its favourite firms, they further said.

Oil Tankers Association is currently at a halt. They have called for a nation wide strike where all the drivers have parked their trucks on terminals and have given their keys to the association offices. Oil supply throughout the country has been damaged.

Oil Tankers Association and OGRA will have to come to a consensus in which all the concerns of the union should be addressed. Until then, the oil supply will be disturbed and considering the over all state of affairs, the government could use much support from such associations.