NAB Court, Rental Power, NBP & Supreme Court

Publish Date: 2017-09-26 19:32:30


Following topics were discussed in the program:rn1. Decrease in Foreign Reserves and Fines over Rental Power Projects and Reko Dik Case.rn2. An impossible task of saving National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)rn3. Surge in Elderly population in Japanrn4. MQM-PTI alliance to change the opposition leader.rn5. Nawaz Shareef criticising the judges and judicial system.rn6. Imran Khan disqualification in money trial and foreign funding case.

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Guests: Irfan Qadir,Ehteshamul Haq,Aamir Khan,Justice (R) Nasir Aslam Zahid,Imran Wasim

Tags: NAB Courts,NAB References,Rental Power Projects,Reko Dik,Imran Khan,Nawaz Shareef,ECP,Supreme Court,MQM-PTI,PPP,Japan,Kamran Khan Ke Saath,Dunya News

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