Lawyers left Dar’s case due to non-payment of fee

Publish Date: 2017-11-10 18:41:38


Kamran Khan in “Dunya Kamran Khan Ke Saath” covered these topics:rnrn•tSharif’s family legal and constitutional issues are keep increasing day by day, after Panama case decision, Supreme Court orders on NAB’s request to open Hudaibiya Paper Mills reference.rn•tOn Supreme Court’s Pakistan orders after 19 years 6th census has been happened in Pakistan, but now there is a conflict on its result and on the delimitation of the new constituencies according to new Census.rn•tMass Shootings in USA: America is the only country in the world where incidents of mass shootings are happening on a large number.rn•tPak Sarzameen Party and MQM Pakistan’s reunion, Farooq Sattar’s resignation from Party and politics and then taking back his decision. How peoples of Karachi reacting to it? rn•tFinance Minister Ishaq Dar is sick and in London for his treatment, he is not resigning from his position, also it is expected that he will not be coming back to Pakistan anytime soon. Will the country be keep running without a finance minister?rn

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